Write to heal

A course about creating effective content marketing 

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Hi gorgeous, take a moment with me to imagine something different. Something better. 

Imagine, you have a constant stream of people inquiring about working with you, and buying from you, for your different offerings in your inbox throughout the week. 

Even if it feels so far out to consider that as possible right now, imagine how great it would feel if it were the truth. 

Mmmm. Really exciting right? Really relieving perhaps?

Let's keep going...

Imagine, you get to do the exact work you love full time and be paid for it. No more needing to secretly prove that you can do it to your co-workers, and no need to defend your dreams to your spouse, to your friends or to your family anymore. It just simply... works. See you later, side gig! 

Imagine that social media, newsletter building, and blogging feel fun because you know and you have seen how they create the opportunities you are after seamlessly. Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't compare yourself to what seems like a thousand other people doing it 'better' than you, or feel down in the dumps when you see that other cool other entrepreneur killin' it? I could be all like, "Look at you, confident lady, staying in your lane and slaying it."  

Write to Heal will help you achieve this as your reality. 

This is a course in truth telling.

We aren't inventing stories. We are writing them as they happened with no holding back. The goal is to connect with your potential clients and inspire sign-ups and purchase with the help of effective content marketing, so that you can have a thriving business based on integrity and human connection.

For a piece of content to really move and land with someone, it must speak to an experience they can relate to or that they are currently experiencing. 

This inherently creates a bond between writer and reader. And when this bond is solid enough, potential customers become paid customers. 

Write to Heal teaches you to create the key that unlocks the gates to your endless abundance, by writing in a way that makes us feel connected to you and your work, which ensures conversion for your business. 

It all started for me when...

I wrote a post that ended up going viral for Bell Let's Talk day in 2012. 

I wrote about what it was like to live my life with anxiety disorders, and people really responded to it. It was then that I realized how my truth telling created connection, which led to healing. Both for myself and for others. 

This gave me the idea to start the movement that became the non-for-profit of Anxiety Free Community. I ran AFC as team leader and founder for a little over two years.

During this time, AFC grew provincially in Ontario, Canada, and I went into elementary schools, high schools, and colleges as a professional speaker all over the Greater Toronto Area. 

This is when I understood that truth telling not only created connection that healed, but it actually also led to business opportunities and conversion. 

After taking up life coaching as a trade in 2014, I decided to offer professional services. Guess what? They sold out every time (even if I was scared they weren't going to) because people felt connected to me through my story. 

My "luck" in business so to speak has always rested upon my willingness to go first to create connection by talking about the uncomfortable things that we all want to talk about, but that we are scared to address due to the trauma related fears of rejection, abandonment and judgment. 

The things we are most scared to reveal are the things that will create connection with other people, and lead us to opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. What we need to work on and through is feeling accepted, safe, and confident in telling our stories. This is where I come in with my nervous system health expertise to unblock every last block that you may be experiencing standing in the way of you and your success. 

I've ran my business full-time by myself for the past four years with great ease due to effective content marketing, and I have loved and learned through every stage of it. 

I do not have a crazy amount of followers, instead, I have a deep focus on creating connection with people that leads to conversion offering after offering. 

My program Write to Heal focuses on working with entrepreneurs to build their paid clientele using effective content marketing in their website, in their newsletter, and in their blog/vlog and social media presence. 

My deepest truth follows...

I want to help you do your soul's work in the world. I think this is why I was born. God asked a crowd of souls, so who wants to go down there and make sure everyone does their purpose while healing all the conditioning that tells them money and passion can't go together? And I raised my little hand and smiled wide and said, "Oh, Me! Me! Me!" 

So I got the job. Score.  

Sure, there are days where I would rather eat veggie bites and watch the kardashians than work, but even on those days, I am incredibly blessed that I get to do what I love and it works to sustain my health and embellishes my lifestyle. I know and understand what stands in your way of having this too, and I believe I am capable of identifying these blocks and releasing them with you once and for all so you can step into your career fulfillment. 

I want you to know that you can absolutely gain conversion in your online business and make an impact in the world when you share in a way that promotes connection. You deserve to do the work you want to, and marketing and selling your services shouldn't have to be where you get blocked. 

This is more like story telling coaching. In this program, you will learn to lean in to your truth, work through any shame that says 'no, you can't share this', and get ready to show up with your story confidently. 

Write to Heal is for you if you wish to tell the stories of your life in a way that feels healing, moves others to the core, and gets you paid.

Let me help you figure this out and take off. 


More about the course...

Write to Heal is a 2 day virtual retreat. 

From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, we will meet on the group conferencing system called Zoom where we will be able to be live as a group. 

The course includes five 2-hour workshops. Three workshops on Saturday and two workshops on Sunday. You will have prep work and post workshop exercises to complete. 

Workshop 1 will focus on addressing the biggest blocks you experience while attempting to share your stories, and how to move through them successfully. 

Workshop 2 will focus on the elements of personal story telling, and creating a 3D character out of you based on the events that shaped you. 

Workshop 3 will focus on understanding the structure of toxic shame and connection, and how to shift from one to the other. 

Workshop 4 will focus on connection building with the specific audiences you want to move and get paid by. 

Workshop 5 will focus on how to make conversion easy through vulnerable visibility, and understanding the nervous system science on why truth telling will give you the business success you are after.

We will also cover next steps and a Q & A following the last module of the program. 

What is the investment? 

The investment for this program is of 1000.00 USD, with the option of a 4 time payment plan of 250.00 USD bi-weekly, for those who prefer to pay in this way.

But get this... 

During the first week of launch, I offer an early bird special in which the investment rate is of 750.00 USD. 

If you are signing up as an early bird, you will also receive a full assessment of your website, social media presence, as well as your blog, vlog and/or podcast content done by me as I embody your ideal potential client. I'll give you detailed no nonsense feedback about what's working and what needs work. You'll also get a 30 minute phone consultation to go over this report with me (a 125.00 value). 


Enrollment for Write to Heal is now currently closed. Please sign up to the newsletter in the footer area of the site to be notified as to when you'll be able to sign up for a future round of the program. 

When will the course be? 

The following course dates will be announced in the Spring of 2018. 

While the modules will be recorded so you can review whenever you'd like, you should be able to be present for the class times as this program is designed to create massive change and transformation in a short amount of time. This requires your showing up and being there. 

Like September 2017 program graduate, the lovely Amber Hargett said, "To say this course is life-changing would be an understatement."

Please note: The weekend retreat Write to Heal program is a prerequisite to the Write to Heal 3 or 6 month 1:1 coaching program, where I help you write content for your website, and guide you in the process of a real life successful launch in your business through effective content marketing. 

If you wish to pay through payment plan, please contact me directly (emily@emilyaube.ca) and I will send you separate invoices with specific due dates as well as a coach-client contract confirming enrollment. 

Write content so good there is no way anyone will be scrolling past your posts...

I'll just say it: If you aren't getting conversion in your online business yet or if you aren't getting the level of conversion you want, it's mostly likely to do with the way you are writing your story. 

There is no denying that if you wish to run an online business with great conversion rates (which means people actually buying from you again and again), your story needs to catch their eye. Beyond that, your story must connect with what they are going through and communicate to them that you understand how to help them through their struggles and challenges. 

Essentially, you want to explain through story why you have the perfect service or product as the solution.  

This is not to say that we should manufacture stories that sound appealing and would attract people of a certain niche to lure in customers. No, that would be insane to do.  

What I am pointing out is that the current way you are utilizing content marketing may be ineffective at creating connection with potential clients because you may be holding back on the details that people really relate to or are interested by.

This leaves you feeling frustrated as you watch other entrepreneur like figures make an impact, provide for their families, live where they thrive, earn more money, and go on more trips. I know you want this from your business and lifestyle too. I see you. Some of my clients wonder if they will ever get their big break when they first come to work with me. They feel like they've been trying so hard and nothing is working. 

It's time to shift something. 

I see this all the time in my coaching practice with my clients... Amazing people who have REAL gifts are standing in front of me, but they don't have enough clients to leave their day job yet, or they aren't living the lifestyle they need to be because of money troubles. They grow more and more impatient and restless and they feel like the Universe is not giving them their big break, so they can't be as creatively impactful in the world.

So, I want to let you in on a secret, you can give yourself your big break simply by using the power of story in your content marketing. 

When people trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. 

Content marketing is the best way to attract a sustainable paying clientele that benefits from your work. 

The way I teach content marking acknowledges that we have the ultimate goal of selling services or products that are helpful in the lives of people and that do good in the world. AND, that this form of marketing gets us there by creating real human connection with our audiences. 

Sharing our stories to create human connection is so healing, and it builds the trust we need to create customers.

Connection wins over perfection almost every time. 

You may think and feel like you have to appear perfect to attract and book clients or sell products. 

The opposite is true. 

And I really want this to land because it's so important... 

The more real you are, the more you resonate with people and the more people trust and buy from you. 

This is the missing piece you've been looking for. 

Essentially, your posts may be interesting enough to get some level of engagement on your social media pages (so this means, likes), but your story does not have the depth to turn admirers into paid customers. By withholding vulnerable details of your story, no one gets to see the relatable aspect of you that has been there and can help because of true experience. 

Change this and change your life. Welcome to Write to Heal.