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I was thirteen when I knew for sure that writing had chosen me as one of her devotees. I was sitting up in the attic of the garage attached to my family home the day the moving trucks came to move us out of one home and into two. 

I climbed the wooden latter to the top and overlooked with my pen and notebook. Everyone was moving so fast and they were all so preoccupied with trying to take care of themselves that no one knew how to take care of me. 

So, writing did. It's almost like she picked up the pen for me and placed it strategically in my palm, in the exact angle I needed to begin sprawling the ink all over the page and said, "I am here for you." 

From that point on, the world could fall apart on a Tuesday and I knew I would wake up and continue to build it back together on Wednesday morning because I had writing. 

No one could take away the relationship I had with writing because it didn't depend on anyone else but me feeling my feelings and writing down the truth about how I was doing and what it was like to be me in my experiences. I wrote when things were good and when things were bad never forgetting the in between, because I figured it was important to write at all times, and not just when you are ecstatically happy or devastatingly heart broken. There were epic insights from mundane elements if they were observed properly too. 

No matter what happened, I could always write about it and not stop until I felt better and I made sense of it. 

Writing was a way for me to take care of myself and to create connection with others when I needed it most. 

I wrote an anonymous blog in the early 2010's, and a post about my silent struggle with anxiety disorders went viral one day on Bell Let's Talk annual event. I took notice and continued writing vulnerably and honestly. Eventually, I started the blog that turned into the mental health organization Anxiety Free Community. 

The first job I landed as a professional writer was for a local paper as a teenager. I happily got into the most exclusive journalism schools when it was time for me to go to college due to my diligent portfolio filled with all sorts of writing that represented my voice. It was a dream come true. 

In 2014, I had to leave school temporarily to get my tonsils out and recover from the painful surgery as an adult. I ended up writing my first book, "Love before Fear" while I was recouping and by the fall of that year, it was published. 

Love before Fear was my story of redemption, how I went from being riddled with daily panic attacks for years to a thriving and honest mental health advocate who knows how to help herself and others because of the radical compassion the disorder washed over me. 

Soon the power of story really revealed itself in my life. Practicing and devoting myself to writing for years seemed to make me an over night sensation. I had school boards begging me to come speak at their schools to their students about my story (and they wanted to pay me to do it!), I had people asking me to coach them and mentor them through their disorders. I had letters from strangers telling me I had saved their lives by sharing my story in my inbox every day for a while. 

Writing my story has brought me from a coach without any paying clients to a coach who earned six figures in my second full year of business with a full roaster of clients. 

This was possible because I connected with people from all over the world who were going through what I had gone through and spoke about in my story. Because I had experience in overcoming the challenges I coached people through, my mentorship was sought after. 

People connected with my story and this made them feel deeply understood in their own lives. Sharing my story moved strangers, acquaintances and friends from admirers who double tapped on Instagram to paid clients who bought from me again and again. 

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Writing to heal didn't just save my life, it made my life everything I wanted it to be. 

We are all craving to be seen and understood. This is why story telling is so powerful. It creates this sense of belonging. It reminds us that yes, we do belong here together because at the core we are... the same. 

I'll just say it: If you aren't getting conversion in your online business yet or if you aren't getting the level of conversion you want, it's mostly likely to do with the way you are writing your story. 

There is no denying that if you wish to run an online business with great conversion rates (which means people actually buying from you again and again), your story needs to catch their eye. Beyond that, your story must connect with what they are going through and communicate to them that you understand how to help them through their struggles and challenges. 

This is not to say that we should manufacture stories that sound appealing and would attract people of a certain niche to lure in customers. No, that would be insane to do.  

What I am pointing to is that YOUR story is interesting by nature. It's captivating as it exists, but the way you are telling it may be ineffective at creating connection with potential clients because you may be holding back on the details that people really relate to or are interested by.

Essentially, your posts may be interesting enough to get some level of engagement on your social media pages, but your story does not have the depth to turn admirers into paid customers. By withholding vulnerable details of your story, no one gets to see the relatable aspect of you that has been there and can help because of true experience. 

Connection wins over perfection almost every time. 

This program will help you write content so good there is no way anyone will be scrolling past your posts. 

People want to know you and trust you before they buy from you.

In this program, I help online life coaches like you create effective content marketing and connect with their desired audience by truly understanding and utilizing the power of personal story telling.

Story telling is a transformational process within itself. To stand in our full truth, we must face and work through the shame that makes us hide. 

To buy from you, people want to know about you and what makes you capable of helping them. They can't know this unless you share your full picture story. The whole story -- the beginning to the now. 

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Writing your story can transform your life into what you want it to be. 

I know so many great life coaches who are rich with knowledge and expertise because of their story - their whole story. But, they don't want to tell the full story because it's either too painful to revisit, feels to vulnerable to share incase someone in particular sees it, or because they don't want to lose credibility by admitting that they don't always have it figured out, or that they didn't always have it figured out. Some of them also feel like their story just isn't that worthwhile or interesting to tell compared to other people's stories. 

I see them with the great ideas and the powerful talents feeling discouraged because they don't have enough clientele to leave the day job they don't enjoy, or to fully branch out as self-employed. Good news: it doesn't need to be like this. 

Together, we will use story telling as a transformational tool in your life, where you'll be able to gently but honestly face the shame that is holding you back from truth-telling in your story, and ultimately keeping you from having connection with clients that pay you. 

I am here to remind you that the things that make you feel shame are usually the things that make you the most relatable and interesting. 

Your story isn't boring but when you don't share the whole picture by including the depth of your true experience, it becomes easy to pass by and write you off as another life coach on Instagram talking about the law of attraction or something. 

You do have to stand out to make an impact. The best way to stand out is to bring forward something no one else has... your personal story. This sets you apart from everyone and makes you unique within its own right. No one has lived your life but you! 

Here's what speaks to and moves people into feeling connected with you... the fact that you are a human who doesn't have it all figured out and who stands in integrity about it. In my opinion, someone who tells the truth about themselves is trustworthy. That's who I want in my corner... a leader who can admit to their strengths AND their weaknesses and who tells the truth, even if it isn't perfect. That's who I trust to let into my precious heart and life. How about you?

How you can begin to truly move people with your stories... 

This isn't rocket science. It's a course in truth telling. We aren't inventing stories. We are writing them as they happened with no holding back. 

For a piece of content to really move and land with someone, it must speak to an experience they can relate to or that they are currently experiencing. 

This inherently creates a bond between writer and reader... the sense of belonging I told you about earlier.  

I look at stories as gifts. When you were gifted a story in your life, you have lived an experience very intimately and you now have expertise in rising from it all. 

The before and after picture of your life then and your life now may be impressive, but it doesn't explain the middle part which is what truly matters. How did you get from point A to point B? What did you do when life fell apart and you had no choice but to build it back up? What is your story of redemption? How did you defy the odds? 

That's what I want to know. More importantly, that's what your potential clients want to know. They want to know that you can help them because you've been there and you know how to crawl, walk and eventually skip into a better healthier life. They won't know that unless you tell them about it all. 

Writing to heal helps you process and embody your life, as it also helps others relate and be courageous about theirs. 

Telling your story in a way that truly moves people is how you build your brand and your identity, as well as your credibility in the online business world. 

When people know you and trust you because you are transparent, they want to your expertise. 

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Your business can succeed with the power of story telling. 

Big followings doesn't always insure big conversion, so you definitely do not have to have this going before you sign up for this course.

Sure, you have more people to speak to and move when you have a big social media or list following which may result in more conversion, but don't think you can't make your dream income if you are just starting out with a little list and a few hundred followers. 

I am always looking at stories as a potential customer and client. Am I bored by the story or do I want to know more because it's so detailed and vulnerable that I can't resist and suddenly, I feel like I KNOW the writer? Is it helpful to me because it talks directly to me, or does it just repeat the same general spiritual knowledge that I've known for a while? 

You can absolutely gain conversion in your online business and make an impact in the world when you share in a way that promotes connection. You deserve to do the work you want to, and marketing and selling your services shouldn't need to be where you get blocked. 

More about the course...

Write to Heal is a 2 day virtual retreat. 

From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, we will meet on the group conferencing system called Zoom where we will be able to be live as a group. 

The course includes five 2-hour workshops. Three workshops on Saturday and two workshops on Sunday. You will have prep work and post workshop exercises to complete. 

If you are signing up as an early bird, you will also receive a full assessment of your social media presence, as well as your blog, vlog and/or podcast content done by me as I embody your ideal potential client. I'll give you detailed no nonsense feedback about what's working and what needs work. Additionally, you will have a follow up call of 30-45 minutes with me after the weekend. 

What is the investment? 

The early bird special valid until September 18th is 750.00 USD. I am also offering a 3 time payment plan of 250.00 USD bi -weekly for those who prefer to pay in this way. 

After September 18th, the price of the course will go up. 

When will the course be? 

The course will tentatively be Saturday 30th and Sunday October 1st 2017, but depending on the final group of people who sign up and their schedules, we may host it on another weekend where everyone can attend live comfortably within the month of October. 

While the modules will be recorded so you can review whenever you'd like, you should be able to be present for the class times as this program is designed to create massive change and transformation in a short amount of time. This requires your showing up and being there. 

Why this course?

You have a story in you that is begging to come out. I know, because I watch you sharing bits and pieces of it and I wait... for the rest. 

Because... I deeply want to know what made you YOU? 

I don't want your before and after photos, I want to know about the process and how you made it through emotionally, mentally, physically, and spirituality. 

That's how you help others - by sharing what happened between the before and the after picture. That's where the real inspiration is. That is when people start to crave more of you and people start to line up to work with you.

We want to be able to relate our experiences to other humans and their experiences, because it makes us feel connected and safe in the world, which is essential to our wellbeing. 

There is a very powerful energy about a person who can tell their truth and hold unconditionally loving space for others to say, 'me too". 

This is not your typical writing class. We are not going to be talking about writing pretty sentences and getting our grammar on point. Although this is important, it's not my focus. 

This is more like story telling coaching. In this program, you will learn to lean in to your truth, work through any shame that says 'no, you can't share this', and get ready to show up with your story confidently. 

Write to Heal is for you if you wish to tell the stories of your life in a way that feels healing, moves others and gets you paid.

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Why content marketing is so important in the online business world...

Content marketing is the best way to attract a sustainable paying clientele that benefits from your work. 

Conscious content marking has the purpose of providing relevant and valuable insights to a specific audience with the ultimate goal of selling services that are helpful in their lives and do good in the world.

I believe content marketing is a creative art form that heals us all. Sharing our stories to create human connection is so healing.

If you don’t know where to start building your business, this is where you start...

You add value and connection to people’s lives. And then you are in a position where you can offer services that will sell because you are known and trusted since you dare to be so real with your experiences that give you real life expertise on the matter. 

You are allowed to tell your story. It belongs to you so you have permission. 

There is nothing worst than a vulnerability hangover, trust me, I know. It's scary to tell the truth because of uncertainty, but it is also liberating because then you have nothing left to hide. Vulnerability hangovers happen when we don't feel confident and allowed to express ourselves. They only happen when we feel we have no right to tell the stories that belong to us or we are afraid others will judge our thoughts, emotions and physical experiences as invalid or as weak. 

You are allowed to share everything that happened to you if you want to. Your thoughts, emotions and physical experiences are not as uncommon as you think, and by sharing them, you can create massive waves of connection that makes us all feel at home here. 

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to self-expression and communicating with the world our experiences, and I will hold you and guide you through the layers. There is truly nothing more healing than doing so. 

Expressing your story is one of the most powerful journeys you can embark on. It's also an initiation of sorts, and it's crucial to be supported by people who have been through it and who know what to expect and how to move through it. 

I've done it what feels like a million times, and I know the process of sharing yourself and doing it in a way that feels good and safe to you, while also pushing yourself to a comfortable edge to expand and grow your business and your life. 

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Connection is the goal!

In sharing our joys and our sorrows and everything in between and beyond, we connect with other humans. 

In connecting, we heal. 

This is how powerful writing is. It is a portal to healing through connection. 

Connection should be your top priority as you are marketing your life coaching services. 

So I ask you, dear one, how can you share your heart to connect with another heart? 

Simple: through telling the truth. 

It's all about being real around being a human. That's what we are seeking from each other. 

I have a hunch that if you ended up on this page, you are on some kind of transformational journey, or you have been, and you want to share this with the world. 

You know that your story can help heal others. 

You long to make a real difference in the world with your gifts and your message. 

But... you may be having a bit of a hard time getting the exposure and the feedback that you really deserve. 

Sound familiar? 

Are you posting and posting, but not getting any conversion and or real leads from your sharing? 

I see this all the time in my coaching practice with my clients. Amazing people who have REAL gifts are standing in front of me, but they don't have enough clients to leave their day job yet, or they plateau and get creatively stuck because what they're doing just isn't working. They grow more and more impatient and restless and they feel like the Universe is not giving them their big break. 

They watch other coach like figures make more money, go on more trips and get incredibly frustrated because they want that too from their business and lifestyle. Some of my clients wonder if they will ever get their big break when they first come to work with me. They feel like they've been trying so hard and nothing is working. 

So, I want to let you in on a secret, you can give yourself your big break simply by sharing your truth and using the power of story.

That's how everyone who got a big break, got their big break!  

You don't need thousand of followers to have a profitable business that allows you to work in the way YOU want to. All you need is the skill set to truly connect with people through writing and story telling. 

It's wild, but I know many people on social media who have a bunch of followers but no paid clients, and I know others who have a modest amount of followers and a great roaster of devoted clients who can't get enough. 

This has to do with how well you connect with people on the soul level. It has to do with the depth of the space you can provide to others to be fully human. You can't do that for others if you don't do it for yourself. 

I have to be really clear: your story can't be your watered down truth. The version you would tell at Sunday family brunch. It has to be your dance like no one is watching truth. 

Let me take you the dance floor and show you how it's done.

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