holistic life coaching session 

An individualized session with me to solve an issue that you are currently facing within your life or business. In short, an offering that answers the 'pick your brain' questions I get in my Instagram DM's.  


Ever need to talk to someone about the thing that is bothering you so that you can figure out what the right move, call or decision is for you?

If you're looking to work through a focused issue with some help that will stick long after we say goodbye...You're in the right place and you can book right away.

What can you expect in an hour long session?

In short, solutions to your most pressing questions and challenges about your lifestyle, business, and your relationships.

I can help you get started on healing chronic illness holistically, or help you find the truth for you in a business move, or a relationship decision. 

Some recent topics in my one-off sessions have been: 

-Navigating new client intaking. 

-Understanding the aspects of narcissism and how to spot it.

-How to take care of yourself effectively as your grieve or go through a major life transition. 

- Understanding your Myer's Briggs personality type and coming up with a plan of action to develop your cognitive functions to your advantage.

-Navigating and finding solutions to conflicts in relationships through understanding your attachment style and the attachment styles of your loved ones (and how to come together vs apart). 

-Discussions around why CBD oil helps your nervous system health. 

-How to detoxify your life through the food you eat and your household contents. 

-Tarot based sessions to help you explore what's going on beneath the surface of an issue you're facing. 

My one time session provides both the understanding about how you are being affected in your nervous system around something that is bothering you AND then the holistic life coaching on how to make your desired outcomes actually happen.

Bottom line: the goal is to get you unstuck from the issue that is bothering you. 


How does it work? 

Once you purchase a holistic life coaching session below, you will receive a receipt of confirmation with instructions on how to book through my calendar link. I have a flexible schedule with different times on a weekly basis. 

From there, once you've booked the time of your session, I will send you a prep sheet with prompts that could help you set a clear goal for the hour we will spend together. I will also send you a ZOOM link which is where we will be meeting at the time of your appointment (no worries if you're new to ZOOM, I will give you instructions on that too.) 



Thank you, thank you, thank you again! I have no words to express my gratitude. The session I had with Emily was honestly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had (no exaggeration)... it was SO great to confirm some feelings I already had but also to learn so much info that may be blocking me for the upcoming year// for my dreams. She is amazing!! I will recommend this to everyone I know.
— Taylor Wilson
Emily absolutely amazes me every time I work with her. She has helped me gain clarity around many issues in my life. I always feel like I can safely share some of my deepest fears and anxieties without being judged. She always provides me with a safe space to be open and authentic and always has the exact guidance I need in that moment. I highly recommend Emily.
— Kerissa Kuis
Working with Emily is like getting a glimpse of heaven itself. She infuses so much warmth, joy and love into her sessions and her courses that it feels like you are getting a big angelic hug. Emily is very thorough, her sessions are always super accurate and full of practical advice that I can actually quickly put into place as soon as our session ends.
— Ollie Wylde
If you haven’t done a session with Emily Aube yet, don’t wait another minute! She is incredibly gifted and it was one of the best hours of my life. Thank you, Emily, from the bottom of my heart. 
— Ali Katz