holistic life coaching session 

An individualized session with me to solve an issue that you are currently facing within your life or business 

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Are you looking to work through a focused issue with some help that will stick long after we say goodbye? You're in the right place and you can book right away.

What can you expect in an hour long session?

In short, answers and solutions to your most pressing questions and challenges about your health, business, and your relationships.

I can help you get started on healing chronic illness holistically, or help you find the truth for you in a business move, or a relationship decision. 

My one time session provides both the intuitively driven insight you are after to know exactly what is standing in your way AND then the holistic life coaching on how to make your desired outcomes actually happen. The goal is to get you unstuck from the issue that is bothering you. 

How does it work? 

Once you purchase a holistic life coaching session below, you will receive a receipt of confirmation with instructions on how to book through my calendar link. I have a flexible schedule with different times for both day time appointments and evening appointments on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays on a weekly basis. 

From there, once you've booked the time of your session, I will send you a prep sheet with prompts that could help you set a clear goal for the hour we will spend together. I will also send you a ZOOM link which is where we will be meeting at the time of your appointment (no worries if you're new to ZOOM, I will give you instructions on that too.)