Angel card readings with me

In July of 2014, I began offering angel card readings as part of my job. I had done a few readings locally with my network of friends and family. After these sessions went really well and when I felt courageous enough, I wrote a FB post in a group called Spirit Junkie Masterclass (a course I was taking hosted by Gabrielle Bernstein) letting people know I was offering readings for the first time as a professional at a rate of $ 44 per reading. It was terrifying because what if no one bought one? And it was exhilarating, because what if someone did...

I thanked God what felt like a million times over that a few people signed up to support me. Then... something phenomenal happened. 

Each of those people told three of their friends because they liked the experience so much. Afterwards, those friends told three of their friends. And so on and so on. For months, all I did was readings from 9 am to 9 pm with breaks to eat and check in that this was really real life and not just a dream. Word of mouth had essentially given me a business overnight and there was no sign of stopping. 

Get this... I had been studying readings cards and the general nature of my intuitive gift for many years, but I was a student journalist by trade. 

By the end of that year, I was given the lovely title of 'Angel Lady' by my clients, and had seen hundreds of seekers worldwide. I decided to focus on growing my business with my clientele full time due to raving reviews.

My practice kept growing and to this day, 3 and a half years later, I have happily served thousands of satisfied people in my angel card readings throughout 6 different continents. 

While my readings are on Skype and Zoom, many clients who come to me for readings sign up for my business and life coaching programs that include retreats, and we get to hug in person too. 

I've also taught a course on how to read angel cards for your own clients, if you are a coach or a therapist who is inclined to using the cards as a tool to help your people feel clear and guided about tough decisions or circumstances they are facing. It was awesome and I might do it again in the future, so stay tuned by signing up for my newsletter. 

What can you expect in an hour long reading?

In short, answers and solutions to your most pressing questions and challenges about your career and your relationships.

My readings provide both the intuitive insight you are after (this is the psychic part) AND then the coaching on how to make your desired outcomes actually happen. 

How does it work? 

I use what I call my psychic communication styles to deliver intuitive messages to you. I feel clairsentient feelings, receive images from claircognition and intuitively observe what is going on for you and what's coming up for you to give you powerful guidance that you can apply immediately. 

Since, my area of channeling expertise lies in relationships and career forecasting, people often find themselves coming to see me while they are in a career transition, wanting to identify and begin their soul's work. Clients are also often interested in knowing what the next 3,6,9, or 12 months look like for their business, or project. Relationship dynamics whether that be family/friend-oriented, or romantically driven, are also a popular topic. 

No matter what you are looking for, I will help bring clarity and focus on how to move forward in the right direction for you. 

Once you purchase a reading below, you will receive a receipt of confirmation with instructions on how to book through my calendar link. I have a flexible schedule with different times for both day time appointments and evening appointments on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays on a weekly basis. 

From there, once you've booked the time of your session, I will send you a prep sheet with possible questions you may be interested in exploring, and journal prompts that could help you set an intention for the hour we will spend together. I will also send you a ZOOM link which is where we will be meeting at the time of your appointment (no worries if you're new to ZOOM, I will give you instructions on that too.) 


Can't wait to talk with you, gorgeous!