Press bio

Emily Beatrix is an author and a writer who has been said to put the feelings you never knew how to express properly in words that make perfect sense.

She is here to help make sure that you make the impact you came here to do.

She is a nervous system educator and coach who works , she works online with clients from all over the world on attaining health and wealth in entrepreneurship using effective storytelling in content marketing and copywriting. She teaches a nervous system based holistic approach to overcome past childhood adversity and to make a great life for yourself. She will guide you to effectively take care of yourself the way you wish you had been cared for. And she’ll try and make you laugh while on the big serious journey of healing as a form of medicine.

Emily's work has been featured in media outlets such as the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, CTV, Bell Let's Talk, MindBodyGreen and her dad’s fridge.