Connected with Emily Aube

A podcast dedicated to having conversations that matter to help us feel connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the world we live in. 

New episodes come out Tuesday mornings.


Episode 9: Wild sensitive grieving with Lisa Nagel


In this episode, we talk about Lisa’s own journey with grief, all cumulating when she got divorced at 24 years old. We talk about grief as an invitation, what it invited Lisa to and what it could be inviting you to do. She teaches us about holy truths surrounding grief - that you want to hear if you’re going through a hard time so that things can make more sense. We also talk about what grief feels like. Lisa gives us tips on how to navigate fresh heartbreak and loss and she tells us about the storm season and how to honor that you’re in it. She talks to us about processed and unprocessed grief and guides us on how to softly meet ourselves, perhaps for the very first time, after our world falls apart.

Episode 8: Slowing down with Desiree Salis


Des is one of my best friends and has been a healing force in my life, especially in the past few months with her presence and FOOD. Lately, we’ve been having weekly family style dinners and we recorded this episode sitting in her devotional room after stuffing our faces, and chewing properly, the best brussels sprouts ever. 

Desiree teaches me so much about sisterhood, alongside digestion and health in general. She let’s us know that our relationship to self and our relationship to our community can be simultaneously existing at all times through example as a kundalini yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist. 

I really love this woman and her wealth of knowledge is uncanny. Because of this, she came on the pod to talk with me about what’s wrong with the world, kundalini yoga, nurturing female friendships, her past with disordered eating and how she has cultivated a positive long lasting loving relationship with food. 

She also loves eye contact, so come to her classes and her life changing women’s circles if you’re in our area.

Episode 7: Period Power with Lena Dolter

Here’s the deal: a woman is not meant to be a man, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t powerful. In this episode, Lena Dolter is with us to teach us how to harness each phase of our cyclical nature as a woman, so that we can maximize our power and live in flow with ourselves, instead of trying to survive while working against our own natural innate rhythm.

We touch on things like how to insert a lena cup (or diva cup), why it’s normal to be horny AF when you’re ovulating, what Lena believes about contraception, and we have a really profound discussion about how the closer we get to our bodies, the more intimately we can have our identity be revealed to us.

If you’re obsessed with periods like I am, or you’re curious to know how to live in YOUR flow, listen to the episode and get your world rocked in the best way possible.

Episode 6: On being a sensitive badass with Amber Rochelle


In this episode, I’m joined by my Write to Heal client Amber Rochelle, who works with highly sensitive women to heal their relationship with themselves and their sensitivity so that they can discover how truly powerful they really are. She believes sensitivity is no accident and teaches us that being sensitive is an actual gene that affects our brain.

In this episode, learn how an highly sensitive person (HSP) presents, and gain tools on how to manage your sensitivity like how to take your emotional pulse.

Plus, hear what Amber thinks you should do if someone calls you ‘too sensitive’.

Links based on what we talked about that may be useful for you:

The book the highly sensitive person: 

Episode 5: Finding the one and marrying him with Amanda Ranae


Amanda Ranae shares her journey to finding Matthew, her now husband, with us on the podcast. This love story includes profound reflections on noticing how someone is actually showing up versus how they have the potential to show up, and how Amanda learnt to believe people when they told her their capacities and truths. We talk about relational success musts and we share stories about knowing each other in real life - like when I didn’t know if Amanda liked me the first time I met her!

I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find this episode nourishing, so don’t wait to press play.

Episode 4: Accepting being sick with Stephanie Kirylych


Stephanie Kirylych is on the podcast to have a candid conversation about what it’s like to have chronic illness with me. We talk about what pisses us off about how other people act around chronic illness and what we really need when we are sharing our experience of it. We also jam about what it’s like to try and connect with yourself when you are suffering. My favorite part however has got to be when Steph shares with us that when she accepted she was really sick, she began to live an authentic life instead of pretending she was fine all the time.

This one is for you if you’ve ever faced a chronic health issue, or love someone who does.

Steph’s instagram:

Episode 3: Being fit for service with Nick Clement


Nick Clement joins us to talk about dropping out of high school and succeeding in making his own path to purposeful work. Today, he manages and mentors a large team composed of franchisees in a big painting company in Canada - College Pro. He shares his insight with us on things like addiction and work-life balance, to remind us of the importance of taking care of ourselves, so that we can be fit for service. The juicy part? We talk about briefly dating each other in the winter of 2017-2018, and what kind of feedback we gave each other during that time that led to making a profound difference in each of our respective lives.

Link to study Nick mentioned about how much weight we lose in our sleep:

Episode 2: More than just your sun sign with Danielle Mercurio


In this episode, Danielle shares with us that astrology is her form of psychology, and I echo this sentiment by sharing that the things I am figuring out about myself in terms of my various psychological needs in therapy match my chart’s characteristics. She teaches us about the basics of our birth chart, what the houses mean and represent and what each planet signifies in western astrology. We get into the meaning behind a sun sign, a moon sign and a rising sign. I hope you enjoy this truly VALUABLE lesson in the cosmos, and book a reading with Danielle ASAP to get your world rocked.

Episode 1: Welcome to Connected with Emily Aube

In the first episode of this podcast series, I introduce myself to the world as your host. I share why and how my recent 3 year relationship came to an end, only five weeks after moving to another country to be with my beau and leaving everything behind in my hometown, and why it’s prompted me to care about making Connected with Emily Aube happen.