Holistic Life Coaching Program

A program to help you feel solid in your body so that you can do everything you're dreaming of

Having a holistic life coach is like having an upgraded best friend who's job it is to help you figure out what to do to feel better.

Hiring a coach is having a resource that helps you heal - it's a mentor who's been where you are and who can encourage you to take the steps that work to come out of the pain. It's a reassuring presence that hums that you're going to make it.

A coach assures you a person who you can talk to openly and who can hear you, see you, and offer solutions that you may not have seen before a session with them. Think repeat 'A-HA' moments. 

It's feeling like someone has got your back and can help you navigate what you are facing in your life with more support and ease by teaching you tools that you'll be able to use between calls.

Hire me as your holistic life coach...

I think we need 6 big things to be well (and in my world, said as, regulated): 

1) Food that heals us. 

2) Movement that allows us to be grounded and regulated. 

3) Self-awareness and education that allows us to have nervous system regulation to recover from the trauma we've endured. 

4) Environment that is and feels safe and nurturing. 

5) Work that feels purposeful to us and comes to answer a WHY that keeps us motivated. 

6) Relationships that are secure and that create a sense of "in the flesh" community and belonging. 

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This is what I do for people...

I help them see that to be truly well, we have to have this holistic whole be present in our day to day. It's hard to be completely well with only the perfect diet, or just the stellar job. We need all of it, in harmony together for any one item of wellness to be truly effective. I see it like this: if you have the perfect movement and food in your life, but you don't have safe and nourishing relationships, your overall wellbeing is still going to fall flat. And the same is true if you have secure mates, but no healing food or nervous system regulation implemented into your life. The different elements of a holistic lifestyle literally need each other to actually work at their full potential. 

The deets: 

In my 6-month holistic life coaching program, we focus on the 6 main points of holistic wellness that I teach together to get you feeling better quickly and set you up for success throughout your life.

Essentially, working with me is a way to learn how to take care of yourself.

You'll understand what your unmet needs have been and are, so that you can resource properly in your life to feel supported internally and externally. From this place, I will guide and support you in any changes you need to make to support your holistic healthy life. For each main focus points in our work together, we will ask the question, is this helping me heal or hindering my healing? If it's hindering your healing, we will make a plan that is realistic given your real circumstances (whatever they may be) and with time, we'll get you to where you want to be together. 

I teach you about your nervous system and what it needs for health, so that you can meet challenges better without frying out your adrenals. 

You deserve this kind of support. 

What you get when you sign up: 

1) 4 90-minute calls a month where we go in depth to see what's working and strengthening it, and what's not working and shifting it to a more healing way. This is holistic life coaching tailored specifically to you.

Your investment and payment plan options: 

825.00 USD monthly due the first of every month for six months time via Paypal invoice. 

Please note there are sliding scale options available for this program and this program only in my biz model. Please inquire if cost is an issue to you working with me. I try and be as accessible as I can in those situations.


Book a free introduction call to see if we are a fit to work together based on your health, wellness, and career goals. Please note that committing to an introduction call means you are financially able and willing to invest in the 6-month holistic life coaching program with me should we mutually agree it's a fit. These calls are not free sessions and no solution-oriented coaching takes place, as it's simply a time for me to get to know you and your goals, and for you to get to know me and how I work.

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My work with Emily has been an absolute anchor while healing from chronic illness. Our sessions leave me feeling hopeful, in control, and grounded. Her ability to quickly and eloquently pin point the root of my physical and emotional blocks is just truly genius. Each session is completely enlightening. She is guiding me in not only healing from years of illness and trauma, but also toward true and deep fulfillment in life. I cannot recommend Emily enough. This work has been one of the most important parts in my healing journey and I would not be where I am without her. I’d say working with her is life-saving *prayer hand emoji*
— Megan Botel
Working with Emily is a breath of fresh air! The first week I signed on to work with her, I was hit with heartbreak and betrayal. I was also suffering from chronic illness and completely lost myself and spirit. Emily was able to clearly identify my barriers to being healthy and feeling alive again. She taught me how to move through my days while physically and emotionally healing and inspiring myself! When you talk to Emily you feel like you are being completely understood, and you are talking to a friend. I found her at the end of the worst year of my life.. and she was the start of my new beginning! I am so grateful for her!
— Hillary Allen
I cannot properly put into words how valuable my time with Emily was. I felt such a strong pull to work with her, and now I know why. While I thought we’d be focusing on writing to heal, it became clear there were several traumas and triggers we needed to concentrate on. She heard me, understood me, validated my experiences and helped me to gain an understanding that I am eternally grateful for. She is fun, honest, insightful and compassionate. Emily is a true wealth of knowledge and anyone who has the privilege to work with her will greatly benefit from her guidance and presence in their life
— Gabbi Zaccheria
I honestly do not know where to start... Emily has helped me create a life that is beyond my wildest dreams. Working with Emily has been so life changing for me. She has helped me reframe my limiting beliefs so I can get to what I really want in life. We have laughed, cried, and joked on calls and I feel like I have known her for a lifetime as she is super easy to talk to. She makes me feel so supported and I always look forward to our sessions. She is the best cheerleader around. Emily is so good at her life mission and she is such an inspiration. I highly recommend working with her... you will be so blessed to have her as your coach.
— Jennifer Guiliano
Working with Emily is freeing. It helps me take more action and feel less shame.
— Ashley Marshall