Holistic Life Coaching Program

A program to help you feel solid in your body so that you can do everything you're dreaming of

The deets: 

In my four month holistic life coaching program, we focus on 6 main points together to get you feeling better quickly and set you up for success throughout your life. I will guide and support you in any changes you need to make to support your holistic healthy life. For each main focus points in our work together, we will ask the question, is this helping me heal or hindering my healing? 

1) FOOD - What are you feeding your body every day? (I work by sharing the information Anthony William, the Medical Medium, suggests.)

2) MOVEMENT - How do you move through your day to support your body in detoxing and moving your lymph?

3) LIFESTYLE - Where are you absorbing life? What's your environment like? Does it support you or deplete you? 

4) SOUL WORK - What do you do with your day, is it enjoyable or miserable? 

5) RELATIONSHIP AND COMMUNITY - Who are your people and is there fulfillment here? 

6) MINDSET + NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALTH - How do you meet challenges and stressors? How do you help regulate your nervous system? (I work with the principles of somatic experiencing.)

What you get: 

1) An introduction call where we intake information from your current lifestyle and get clear on goals you want to achieve and growth you would like to see happen in our four months together as coach-client. This is where we make our healing game plan for you together.  

2) 4 60-minute calls a month where we go in depth to see what's working and strengthening it, and what's not working and shifting it to a more healing way. (16 calls in total)

3) Customized medical medium inspired food protocol for your healing including a daily routine map customized to you + grocery shopping list making implementing the protocols easy for you. 

4) Available assistance between sessions during my business hours. 

Your investment: 

2,940 USD

Payment plans available:

735.00 USD monthly x 4 


Book an initial consultation to see if we are a fit to work together based on your health, wellness, and career goals. 

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