The Write to heal mentorship

Your complete holistic business start-up


Here are a few things you actually DO need to make it in online business: 

1) Effective offerings that are so packed with value, clients WANT to pay for them.

2) A social media presence that is connective that allows people to know you, trust you and then eventually, buy from you. 

3) A very regulated nervous system to have capacity for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and to heal disheartening blocks around money and relationships you may have picked up throughout your life that are affecting your success through behavior and beliefs.

I help you start your business up in a very practical way, and I help you do so in a holistic way by focusing on your nervous system health. 

Starting a business and being self-employed brings up our STUFF. Like the stuff we wish to ignore by going to brunch and downing a few mimosas. 

Let me give you 2 really common examples: 

If you have some hang-ups around being assertive and placing boundaries because you don't want to be disliked or seen as being a b*tch, well that's going to come out when you start your business. And you might undervalue your services, not charge enough, give in inappropriate ways to be liked, and end up burnt out. 

If you are scared of running out of money and don't trust that you are capable of creating and providing stellar services or products that people want to buy because of a lack of self-confidence and self-trust, well that's going to come out when you start your business. And you might proscrastinate, end up worrying so much you have to numb out with your vice of choice, and end up staying at that job you hate because you have to pay your bills somehow. 

I don't want any variation of this for you. 

Your nervous system is embedded with your history. Since birth, we've learnt how to operate in relation to others and in relation to money. We've had experiences that we have observed and that we have lived that has shaped the way we believe things and how we act. 

Usually what we struggle with is linked to our nervous system health being in dysregulation. A nervous system dysregulation is when the branches of your ANS (autonomic nervous system) are doing their job, but at the wrong time. This can mean we shut down when it's time to rise, and we panic when it's time to rest.

What’s dysregulating you can be as ‘seemingly unrelated’ as we think, or it can be more evident. The bottom line stays the same however: when something is blocking us, there is a nervous system explanation. Most business coaches miss this. Not me. I can help you figure out why nothing has worked yet. And then show you how to make it work for good.

Being an entrepreneur is a journey unlike any other career -wise. It demands things like big faith and potent hustle. And it asks us to look at our patterns and feelings both useful and detrimental in finances and in relationships. I don’t believe in a head-y approach in facing people and money. I believe that we have to address these topics somatically within us - find regulation within the nervous system so that we can approach things differently and genuinely see some changes.

I’ve been successfully self-employed for over 4 years now and from the get-go, it’s always been my main source of income. I attribute that to the NS education and content marketing strategies I will teach you in this very program so that you too can bring in multiple six-figures and beyond, doing what you love without sacrificing your health.

This is for you if any of the following applies to you: 

  • You have a business idea to offer specific services or products. Heck, you may actually even have a website and social media presence already, but it's not working to gain conversion because you're not making money yet. Or the kind of money you need to support yourself. Perhaps this means you are relying on your spouse to pay the bills for you and your family, and or you're asking your parents for money, and or you're staying in a low paying job just to make ends meet, and all of it feels really disempowering.

  • You want to a leave a cooperate job that pays you well, but you're afraid to let it go because what you're making in your side-gig business doesn't come close to matching it at the moment and you're not willing to give up the security you get from a paycheck until your business is stable. (An example of this recently in my coaching practice has been a pharmaceutical rep who became a women’s cycle expert, teaching women how to harness the power of their period.)

  • You are transitioning your area of focus as a practitioner or freelancer. (My past clients who have done this went from dietician to sacred sexuality coach for example, and another from graphic designer to life coach for sensitive women.)

  • You are recovering from chronic illness and you're looking to get back to a work that supports your healing, with flexibility that allows you to go at your pace. (Maybe as a health coach yourself.)

If you nodded yes to any of the above points, I literally have created a solution for you. 

Here is what is included in this package: 

-Learning how the stressors of business impact your nervous system by learning how the autonomic NS works, which will lead you to nervous system regulation in regards to being an entrepreneur because you'll know how to regulate through any challenge that comes your way.  

-Business coaching so you can make self-employment your source of stability in your life. So many of us think not having a boss or a paycheck from a business other than our own is the only way to be safe, and it's not. Being self-employed successfully can increase your ability to take care of yourself and be the most vital version of yourself. 

- Writing coaching on how to create a connection with your audience in a sustainable way to encourage repeat conversion. 

And most importantly, the practical stuff that makes it real...

-Your story (the about me page).

-Your services and offerings, which includes description + pricing. (No worries, I coach you on nailing down appropriate and exciting $ signs you are interested in earning.)

-Your blog/ vlog and social media presence.


What you get when you sign up: 

  • 4 90-minute coaching sessions a month (6 hours of personalized coaching for you each month).

The investment and payment plan options:

825 USD monthly for 6 month's time due the first of every month via PayPal invoice. 

My goal with you: 

I want to help you make enough money so that all your needs are met. In fact, I want your needs to be so met that you can meet other people's needs easily too. 

When you sign up to work with me, meaning you make a significant financial investment, I take it seriously. 

Not only do I want you to make the initial cost of the program back through the content marketing we create for your business, my goal is always to set you up to be able to make 2X-5X (or more) the amount you put in as an investment within the first six months after your complete the program. This means if you put in $4940 over six months, I want to help you through business coaching so you earn 9,880 to 24,700 (or more) as soon as you complete the program with the tools you've learnt. This program has real R.O.I, and I don't take my responsibility to help you achieve the results you paid for lightly. 

You have the potential to make thousands of dollars each month, over and over again, with what you'll learn in Write to Heal. This is why the investment is worth it - it acts a foundation for so much more success both for your health and for your wealth. 

Your responsibility to our work: 

You must get a stellar website designer person who can help put together your website with your copywriting if you don't have that already. 

You must also get beautiful photographs to grace this website.


Interested? Here is the structure: 


Your story

In this month's coaching calls I get to know your story and we work with specific prompts that will help you express where you've been and why the work you do is so important for you and for the world. 

Behind the scenes, I help you edit what you've written to finish the month with a stellar ABOUT ME page that will leave your potential client saying, "SIGN ME UP!" 


Your offerings 

In month 2, we focus on creating effective offerings that solve the issues your ideal client is facing.

We will set your services or products up to carry a solid price tag that you feel confident about, AND that will earn you conversion among your people. 


Content marketing: your blogging

Come month 3, we will address the internal challenges you face when it comes to self-employment and you'll be able to move through them successfully by using nervous system regulation tools I will teach you. This way, you'll be able to rest when it's time to, and rise when it's time without any past dysregulation interfering with your success. You'll be able to spot trauma energy when it comes up so you can see clearly again without the influences of the past living in your body. Better yet, you'll know what to do to work through it without opting out or hiding. 

While you write your initial blog posts for the launch of your website, you'll understand the structure of toxic shame vs healthy shame, and how to shift from one to the other to improve the relationship you have with yourself when it comes to your self-confidence and your self-trust. By the end of month 3 going into month 4, your website copywriting should be completely done if we are on schedule and you should be giving all of the content to for your designer to build.


Content marketing: social media presence

This month will focus on connection building with the specific audiences you want to move and get paid by. 

We will start connecting with your ideal client through your story, and your effective content marketing on your social platforms to ensure conversion for your offerings. You will learn the elements of personal story telling, and how to create a 3D character out of you that is relatable based on the events that shaped you. 

I will overlook your social media posts to make sure what you're writing is creating connection. I will guide you into moving people into a call for action directing them to your services and or products as a solution for a problem they are facing. 


Business coaching

In month 5, we will create a business plan that will detail how to attain the figures for your income that meets all your needs for your holistic wellness, as well as logistics such knowing the estimated tax percentage you'll need to save for based on what you're bringing in. We will prepare you accordingly through your blogging and social media content marketing to move into a launch period. 

I will provide business coaching on things such as, but not limited to: selecting a perfect scheduler for you + how to schedule your work based on your cycle and energy levels, how to collect payment through your site or third party money collecting services with invoices, policies and disclaimers that apply to your work, and point you to resources you may need other than me, etc. 

This month is a course in how to make self-employement your way to stability, instead of relating to it as unstable. We will look at the main nervous system dysregulation you experience around being self-employed.


Your holistic business lifestyle in action

In month 6, we will be in launch mode for your business. Launch mode in your world with me as your coach means a lot of taking care of yourself through food, movement, breath, lifestyle choices like proper sleep scheduling, a good environment to write from, safe encouraging relationships, etc. We need all the holistic components for your business to be most effective and most purposeful.

The goal at the end of the 6 months is that you have sold out your launch period with ease and you are making at least 2x - 5x (or more) of your initial investment in this program during the following six months. 

There is 6 available spots for the Write to Heal Mentorship every six months. I don't like to take on more clients so I can charge a lower rate, because then I end up tired and not doing my best work for you - which isn't fair. When you sign up for my Write to Heal Mentorship, along with taking care of my physical body and my intimate relationships, you are my top priority. I am in this with you, and you've got a gentle guide, a blunt effective coach and a confidence inducing super friend in your corner until you succeed in the way you have your heart set on. 

Apply for the next round of the program. I will be in contact with you to set up a free initial call after your submit your answers to see if we are a fit.

Thank you for your interest, and really looking forward to getting to know you and your dreams.

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The Write To Heal program with Emily has been SO immensely helpful to me- and on levels I didn’t even know I needed. The combination of working on connection through writing while healing my nervous system trauma has been huge for me. I have learned how deeply intertwined those things can be and through Emily’s gentle and intuitive guidance, have been able to start to remove some of my blocks- brick by brick. This has helped me not only in my business as a Coach, but also in personal life in so many ways. Emily has helped amplify my confidence in my work, my confidence in myself, my confidence as a writer. With her in my corner, I have been able to set much stronger boundaries while stepping even deeper into my power as a leader. Healing myself while using my story to heal others has been such a profound experience and I’m so grateful to have had such a wise, beautiful, funny, smart soul helping to guide me along the journey.
— Amber Hargett
Emily is not only my coach, she is truly one of my favorite people in the Universe. I have known and worked with Emily for many years now and she has patiently helped me to do what once seemed impossible to reclaim my voice and to share my message in a way that feels safe in my body. Working with Emily has taught me how to understand, honor and trust what is going on in my nervous system and how to gently move through the blocks that have been creating fear in my expression, moving into a place of courage, confidence, connection and authenticity. I love Emily so much and I am so, so grateful for her guidance and love on my path. I highly recommend Emily from a place of deep trust and love for her work and for Emily as a coach. She is truly the best!
— Michelle Christine
I was re-evaluating what I wanted to do with my business, and I knew I needed to work with someone to help me get started. I had been in a group program in the past, and I knew all about building an email list, and knew how to sell to the list, but I was struggling with WHAT I wanted to offer. I knew I was changing gears, and I knew I needed help writing and writing to connect to my audience. What I loved about my initial call conversation with Emily is that each question I had was answered, and answered in detail. I needed support in creating a program, I needed help in knowing who my client is, I needed support in building my business, harnessing my ideas, and communicating them in a way that was true to ME. I have been working with Emily for 9 weeks now. In those 9 weeks I have written my “about me” and “offer” pages for my website, I have built the curriculum for my year long program, I have identified MY VOICE in writing all of this, and I am set to launch my business in January 2019! In working with Emily I have tackled all the things that were holding me back in my old business. I have a new business model, and I am confident I will sell out my program when I launch. Working with Emily has been worth it for me because I’ve invested time and energy into writing my story and connecting to my client. And to think I was about to hire a copywriter to do it all for me....I would have not been where I am today without choosing to work with Emily one on one to build my business.
— Lena Dolter

I am lucky enough to be working with Emily in her Write to Heal mentorship program. Emily is a rare gem of a human being and I am so grateful I found her to help me on my healing journey. She is authentic, compassionate and truly empathic. She has an amazing ability to capture what I am trying to say and communicate it back to me in a way that makes the most sense and resonates deeply in my heart. This is helping me to improve my communication skills and become more in tune with myself and my nervous system. This also helps me with my writing. She finds these nuggets of wisdom which I call “Emily aha moments” that are teaching me more about myself and helping me to heal. I wish I could carry her in my pocket with me! I am so grateful for her kind and helpful guidance for this journey that I am on. It is so refreshing to work with someone who is so in tune with her nervous system and mine. This is a very healing process. She is a wonderful sounding board, a brilliant and insightful guide and a true healer.
— Jessie Kergan