My medical medium routine (summer edition)

I had such amazing feedback on my initial medical medium routine that I wanted to let you guys into the fact that it was going to be changing as summer comes along here in Canada. I thought you may benefit from me sharing what I'll be doing and it may inspire you to build your own routine for the upcoming months, depending on where you are located in the world. 

I've healed SO much since being on protocol since January of 2016. I've healed things such as constant & recurring infections (such strep throat, tonsillitis, sinus, UTI, etc), migraines, thyroid issues + several autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, yeast infections, neurological issues (such as vertigo, severe brain fog, memory issues, tremors, etc), insomnia, panic attacks, fibro, and the list could and does go on. 

The most impressive thing? I will be 1 year pharma -free on May 21st this year. As I'm writing this, it's about a week away. This comes as an amazing accomplishment since I had been on some form of medication for a decade before that ranging from psych meds to antibiotics to pain killers. Better yet? I haven't had to have any antibiotic dosage since I first implemented protocol, so that's been 2 and a half years of absolutely no antibiotics. And this wasn't by choice, meaning like I didn't reject antibiotics that doctors recommended to me, I simply just haven't had an infection since. 

I've never been more healthy than I am now and it is such a blessing because I know the things that are still bothering me are going to leave too. 

The biggest things that I am wanting to focus healing on now is:

1) Acne 

2) Vitiligo 

3) Gaining more regulated sleep

4) Healing my hormones and making my cycle easier to be in 

Both the acne and vitiligo is definitely liver related as well as strep and EBV related. Mostly all of my initial chronic illness symptoms are gone with the exception of flares that fluctuate with my cycle. I've got to get this situated and I'm excited to. It's something that my clients who bleed also struggle with and I want to help them get to the root cause of it as well. I've got to go first. 

The medical medium protocols are without a doubt what helped me start the path to vibrant health. I was skeptical at first, but when he crossed my path in 2015 and I got to speak with him, he explained to me things that made sense for the first time after years of doctor shopping trying to find answers, desperately wanting to feel better. 

I was blaming myself for being ill because there didn't seem to be any other explanation anyone else could find or give me as I searched, and got things like colonics up my butt to try and make myself feel better. 

I decided to give it shot, because what did I have to lose? 

And it truly was the best decision of my life, and there's no going back. 

So with that being said, here is my 2018 summer protocol routine... 

Upon waking/ morning time (8 am to 1 pm): 

16 oz of celery juice (usually takes 1-2 stalks of celery)

Break for 15 minutes

Zinc, B12, Liposomal C (with apple juice, I juice about 3 apples daily for this), Ester-C 

32 Lemon honey water + make another for throughout the day (or make iced tea out of healing herbs such as rose-hips, lemon balm, nettle, etc) 

+ other day time supplements (currently on tap but this may change, especially as I aim to heal hormones: licorice root, golden seal, neuro-mag magnesium, b-complex, monolaurin, l-lysine, turmeric)

Mango/ papaya / any other fruit my heart desires bowl (1 fresh mango, 1 cup papaya + 1 cup of raspberries for example) 

Afternoon ( 1 pm to 5 pm): 

32 oz of the HMD detox smoothie but in nice cream form - I'm going to be making it the way my bestie Whitney does it, she explained how to in this latest instagram post). I also add 3-4 dates to the smoothie for extra calories and glucose. 

32 oz Orange juice (usually takes about 6-8 navel oranges) 

32 oz watermelon  - plus lime juice and mint if I feel fancy ;) (usually takes half a regular sized watermelon)

Bananas + garlic (this is the only way I'll actually eat raw garlic. It sounds gross, but it makes the situation more bearable, I promise.) 

Typically, I plan to have 1- 2 adrenal snacks at this point - something like a combo of apple, date and celery sticks or berries, coconut water and cucumber. 

I will have juiced the juices and prepped the smoothie and adrenal snacks in the morning, as during the afternoon are my working hours with clients, so I must have my goods ready to be enjoyed. 

Dinner time (5 pm to 7 pm):  

I will still stick to a healing recipe here including squashes and or potatoes. If it's particularly hot, I'll use some more summer friendly recipes like zoodles. 

Pre bed time (7 pm to 9 pm):

16 oz of cucumber juice (2 english cucumbers)

16 oz of spinach, mango, date and banana smoothie (2 cups of spinach, 1 cup of frozen mango, 1 banana, 1 date + some nirvana coconut water to blend)

Cherry + raw honey bowl (1 cup dark frozen cherries, 1 tbsp of raw honey)

Bed time (9:30 pm - 10:00 pm): 

This is something new that I will be implementing and it even feels like a little bit of a stretch just typing it out. 

I am used to going to bed late on a daily basis currently - probably around 1 am eastern as a general estimate. Sometimes it's a tad earlier and other times it's a tad later. 

I want to be making a very consistent effort to go to bed at 9:30 each night, meaning be in bed ready to wind down at that time. I read or watch a funny tv show at night so getting in the habit of this would mean I'd be sleeping around 10- 10:30. The ideal and most healing sleep window for us according to Anthony William is 10 pm-2am. This is when the body does it's best healing. 

Personal insight: 

Usually, it's around the time of 8 pm to midnight that my own emotional gunk comes up. The day is done. I've attended to my responsibilities and I've done a good job, and boom, my own grief comes up and I want to reach for either 1) people because I feel a big void (and they aren't always available so then I feel even more alone), 2) unproductive foods like lots of oily coconut/ avocado oil chips in large quantities w. salsa that has citric acid or 3) numbing out through social media in an unproductive way instead of taking care of myself. 

This is the time when I feel the most lonely and I start to romanticize other people's lives compared to my own. I can feel envious, fearful, depressed, anxious and many other uncomfortable emotions come up at this time, so instead of taking care of myself through it, I attempt to numb it. 

I think it's time to change that. I'm going to make the prep bed time window of time as enjoyable as it can be and focus on the big picture vision of why I am doing the healing I am doing - to be able to be of service to you and enjoy my life by having bodily freedom. I think it helps to see the bigger purpose in our daily routines. 

More comments: 

The goal during the day here is to eat every 90 minutes to 120 minutes so that I can heal my adrenals even deeper. I can still get a pain in my lower left back that signals that my kidney/ adrenal is throbbing due to being overloaded. My right one is doing pretty good and I'd say feels pretty healed. :)

You can see that my summer routine will feature way more juices throughout the day. In the winter, if I'm already freezing, it's tough to be sipping raw smoothies and juices all day long without wanting to hide under your covers constantly. Not ideal for running a business. ;) Juicing melons for example is one of the best ways to detox. I'm excited to be able to get EBV and strep bacteria out in a more powerful way this summer. 

All of my food on a daily basis averages out to be about 3000 calories depending on what I'm having for dinner. A little over 1000 calories of that is from the detoxing juices. :) Anytime I eat under 2000 calories regularly, I FEEL IT.  I am tired, I get brain fogged, I am irritable, I get anxious, O.C.D and paranoiac thoughts are kicked into high gear, I lose weight quick, my skin gets pale, etc. All this because when I don't have enough glucose, and when you don't have enough glucose, adrenaline needs to take over. And what loves to be fed adrenaline? The pathogens in our bodies that give us the symptoms we hate. We have to make sure that we are eating enough on a plant-based diet. Oh and for those wondering, my protein intake is about 49 g daily with this menu. For my weight, gender, and height, the recommend daily protein intake is 46 g. Keep in mind that I'm eating literally only fruit and veggies all day long with hydration and that's how much protein I'm getting!! You can only imagine the beautiful nutrients that are getting in there to heal me as well. 

My summer goals are to: 

1) Heal some recurring skin issues notably, acne + vitiligo. Acne is caused by strep and vitiligo is caused by EBV. My acne has turned into a pretty cystic issue and the vitiligo I experience takes over my torso. Cue sad face about that. 

That's why my supplements as well as most of my food choices will be aimed to flush these issues out. I will also be focusing and adapting a new healing skin routine that will help me. I can blog about it when it is established. :) I will take before pictures and after pictures. I'm relying on the sunshine to help cure so much as well. 

2) Heal sleep and some emotional disturbances by gaining more regulation. My own self-care includes going to see my psychotherapist weekly as well as my acupuncturist and my somatic experiencing practitioner. I also see my chiropractor several times a week, and he works with the neurological system and vagus nerve which is awesome. I'm really pumped and confident that a combo of all of this + going to bed with a better routine and consistency is going to help me heal on a nervous system level and support my body in detox and healing. 

Final word: 

If you want help building your own ideal protocol, I will be accepting new clients for another chapter of my 4-month holistic life coaching program that will take place from July to October. Enrollment will begin on May 24th, so make sure to be on my newsletter or follow me on Instagram to be notified first. 

Emily Aube