Hi I'm Emily and I’m a writer.

I am currently living in Southern California for the winter of 2019, writing my 2nd book.

Here’s some things you want to know about me:

I’m endlessly curious, and I refuse to let go of my high expectations about how great life should be for all of us. But I believe we need each other to get there - biologically we heal within connection - to ourselves, to each other and to the world we live in. We heal trauma in relationship because it happens in relationships. What I am illustrating is that we truly need each other to be well and to get well.

We have a showing up problem in this generation, and I do my little slice of the work to make sure we make an impact by looking out for more than just ourselves.

I think before we do anything spectacular we need to know who we are and be connected with those truths. I help people uncover, see, and then live their truths out loud. It’s sort of my… expertise.


I’m a square peg who stopped trying to fit into a circle a long time ago. I wrote a book and made six-figures by the time I was 21-years old.

Lately, I work with people on creating health and wealth in their lives as a holistic business and life coach who specializes in the nervous system.

I love writing, hosting a podcast called Connected, the beach (oh, god, I love the beach!), biking on boardwalks in California, swinging on swings while listening to music in ear buds, having a home space that makes you take a deep breath when you walk in, Silk PJ’s, stand-up comedy, the feeling of admitting your deepest truth and feeling back in your body for the first time in a while, AND eating delicious plant based foods that I want to chew slowly so I don’t miss out on any flavors.

My ideal date night is going to the movies to be moved by a piece of cinema A-R-T or a comedy show in which I am laughing my ass off. And then, I want to get back into the car and drive home listening to music that soothes me, crawl into bed, cuddle and sleep for hours holding hands. Basically, what I’m saying is that I’d like to fall asleep holding hands more often than not because that feels like love to me.

I like to create things just because they light me up and make me excited, and I get sick and exhausted when I try to force myself to do things I hate doing, or stay in places I don’t like living in. I’m a manifesting generator in human design, so I’m very go-go-go, and I produce in phases within a frame that works for me. I stay in alignment with myself by honoring that.

Emily 21_good copy.jpg

Now for the story of what got me here…

I accumulated developmental trauma over the course of my childhood and adolescence which consequently led to several chronic illness issues.

Growing up in a household and in situations where your care givers are the cause of your stress and do not help alleviate it, is truly exhausting.

I care about helping people learn how to take care of themselves, and trust themselves and their bodies again, after narcissistic abuse and developmental trauma. This is because 1) I have the nervous system education to know how the impact of this kind of experience AND how to heal it and 2) I have risen from this pain myself.

When you’ve lived developmental trauma, it doesn’t set you up for life in a beautiful way where you have the capacity to tackle on taking care of yourself. There was a time in my life where I did not know if I'd be healthy enough to work and be a functioning adult, provide for myself and give myself the resources, including the stability and safety, I needed to heal and to be well.

What if I don't have enough money to take care of myself? This was the question that went off in my thoughts on a loop almost every single second of the day, which made me slip into a hysteria of panic close to constantly. 

For many years after my first diagnosis of anxiety disorder at age twelve, I didn't fit in due to the limitations my chronic illness diagnoses placed on me, and it was painful to notice.

I got good grades through school and I was able to land amazing jobs in my field (journalism), but I had a hard time showing up on a daily basis due to my health failing. It was paralyzing to know that I was so smart, but simultaneously not being able to physically perform the way I wanted to. To feel my ambition from bed without being able to express it was a cruel experience. 

I was being looked over in jobs for a more healthy candidate - someone who could actually put her dreams into action because her body permitted her to. I compensated where I could with perfectionism but ultimately, I was out of luck when I got hit with a high fever unexpectedly or when mystery symptoms like vertigo made it impossible to fulfill my tasks.

If I wasn't sick, I was constantly worried about the next time it would wipe me out and make me lose everything I cared about and make people think badly of me. 

I felt people made assumptions about me until I believed them myself. Things like how I was too sensitive, over- exaggerating, not willing to work hard enough, codependent, spoiled, lazy. 

I soon developped a mistrust in my body and severe low self-worth with no real sense of self-love because of how I viewed myself due to being sick. I made being unwell a personal failure, because that's how it felt and that's how I felt others viewed me. I never spoke nicely to myself internally and I felt like being in my body was a true prison I was never going to be able to escape. 

"You can't hate yourself into someone you love." -unknown

In 2014, while recovering from a surgery that felt like rock bottom, I began a movement and the popular blog of Anxiety Free Community to attempt to help myself feel purposeful despite being bed ridden for a few months.

It was based on my story of living with anxiety disorders and chronic illness. I figured, if my limitations weren't going to go away, I may as well make myself and other people feel less alone in our respective struggles by talking about it together. Someone had to go first, and I was willing to be that person.

The blog went viral and what was cool is that for the first time in my life, I could tell that people weren't overlooking me because I was sick, they were looking right at me for insight because I was saying things that other people were thinking but keeping quiet about. I was featured in my dream publications like the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. CTV came to my house with a whole camera crew to interview me. 

Not long after, my success as a speaker and mental health advocate that stemmed from the creation of AFC came to be. I was touring schools and facilitating workshops with students all over the greater Toronto area.

From there, I did training in S.E (somatic experiencing) and nervous system health science coupled with life coaching and decided to make a career out of helping people overcome adversity.

After this milestone, and quite organically, after my clients had healed the bulk of their nervous system dysregulation through working with me, I began to help people create compelling storytelling in content marketing writing to make it in the online business world like I did, so that they could take care of themselves and their families too, without burning themselves out, to avoid creating any more strain on their healing systems.

I believe that you can master your life and business without needing to force yourself to be someone or something that you’re not.

When I stopped trying to fit in and resist my limitations, and did something to celebrate them instead, is when I began living (and making money and truly healing). What started out as an attempt to use writing as catharsis in my blog turned out to be a project that evolved and by using my voice, I touched the lives of thousands over the past 4+ years and now have a successful and always sold out coaching practice.

I deeply believe that when we face adversity, we are being invited to know what it’s like, to figure out a way out that works for us, and then to share that with others - in whatever creative way we enjoy.

I work with people from 5 different continents, but mostly North America. I see my mission pretty clearly with my clients: 

I'm here to help make your life and business a fulfilling and successful experience by approaching it holistically so that you can take care of yourself - maybe for the first time. 

If you want to work with me...

I have two programs: 

1) Write to Heal - which is my business nervous system regulation + copywriting/ content marketing mentorship.

2) Holistic Life Coaching Program - which is my physical and emotional lifestyle reboot and support program. This mentorship is for you if you want to learn how to take care of yourself by identifying what you needed but never got. This way, you'll know how seek out the resources you need in place to make those dreams happen. 

If you want a little taste rather than a big commitment, you can book a singular session to get support right away here.