About me

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Hi ya gorgeous! 

I'm Emily Aube. A life coach who helps people heal holistically from anxiety. 

Some basics to know about me: I eat plant-based. I love the beach, walking while listening to music, cozy socks slipped on right after taking a shower, fluffy comfy beds, good books and a legendary dance party. 

Welcome to my website! This is where you'll get to read my writing and get in touch to work with me

I've worked as a peer mentor for highly intuitive people helping them heal anxiety holistically since 2014. 


'Cause I get it and I know how to help when it feels like you've tried everything. 

When I was twelve years old, I was diagnosed with a slew of anxiety disorders ranging from panic attacks to deep seated O.C.D. I spent the following years trying every treatment plan available to mankind (or so it seemed). After I graduated high school, I started a non-for-profit organization called Anxiety Free Community based on a blog I had kept throughout my teenagehood. Through my advocacy work, I talked in schools as a professional speaker about my experiences living with such a devastating chronic illness and how I began to heal as a peer. I mentored students in healing their nervous systems so they could begin realizing their dreams. 

I am also well known for my work in angel card readings, where I use my intuitive gifts to help you gain clarity and direction in your life whether you are concerned about relationships, your career and/or your health. My global clientele reaches four different continents (North America, Europe, Australia and Africa), and I have worked personally with over a thousand people online. 

And even after all of that, I identify the most with the title of 'writer'. I like to write about my life in hopes that you have a "me too" moment along the way.

I am super committed to helping online business owners tell their stories in a way that truly moves people. Writing within the expectations of x,y,z bores me. Writing the wild truth like no one is reading pleases me. 

I recognize the gift of a story and I utilize my writing to connect with compatible clients from all over the world. My dream career is possible because of the power of story telling and the cool little thing we call the interwebz that gives us a platform to share ourselves on. I can show you how yours is too. 

In my signature course, Write to Heal, I help people write stories so good that there's no way anyone is skipping over their captions. 

If you want to learn how to connect with your desired clients and gain conversion in your online business with the power of story, click here. 

Who are my teachers and my influences? 

In terms of diet and lifestyle, I follow the protocols of Anthony William, the Medical Medium. Anthony personally worked with me to help me heal what was causing my anxiety and insomnia as well as my recurring infections for 10+ years. Since then, I've adopted his teachings into my life and I love to help my clients with the knowledge he's so graciously given me and others to heal when there seems to be endless confusion and no answers for our mystery pains, ailments and illnesses. For the skeptics out there, I can say that I too felt a bit skeptical of how fruits, veggies and wild foods paired with herbs and spices could heal us from the inside out, but then I tried it with myself and with my clients and saw its truly life changing impact. 

When spirituality is concerned, I've always been a big Doreen Virtue fan and have studied her teachings with the angels in depth. I work with her oracle and tarot cards decks in readings with clients. Gabby Bernstein has been a positive spiritual influence in my life as well, and I've trained with her in her spirit junkie masterclass. I find and apply her teachings when a proactive mindset is concerned and needed. 

I also study with Irene Lyon who is a nervous system specialist and a somatic experiencing practitioner. The works of Peter Levine around the nervous system has greatly helped me understand myself and the world around me, and I implement many of the nervous system regulation techniques that Irene teaches in my own practice to help clients feel more safe in their bodies and in the world.

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Press Bio

Emily Aube is the author of the book Love before Fear - a self-help tome about healing anxiety disorders. As a peer mentor (the way she prefers to say life coach) she specializes in helping people heal holistically from various challenges, and she helps online entrepreneurs write stories so good no one scrolls over them. 

Emily's work has been featured in media outlets such as the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, CTV, Bell Let's Talk and MindBodyGreen. Her works spans over four continents worldwide. She likes to make people laugh and she was kicked out of gym class in the ninth grade for being so bad at volleyball. Look at her now!