Emily Aube

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Hi, I'm Emily Aube. 

I have one big goal in life - to write a best selling book that makes you laugh.

I write about my life honestly, forgoing the highlight reel and telling you the full spectrum truth so that we can stop pretending and start connecting. 

I love understanding and being understood. I think it's one of the most profoundly healing thing we can do with each other - relate to each other's experiences and create a connection and a sense of belonging because of it. 

When I was twelve, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorders that sent me into a decade of pharmaceutical use, which was paired by the diagnosis of multiple mystery illnesses.   

During that decade, I started a blog called Anxiety Free Community, which may be how you got to know me. We were nationally recognized and I shared my story for the popular mental health initiative Bell Let's Talk day. I also wrote my first book, entitled 'Love before Fear', and went on a speaking tour in schools in the Greater Toronto Area (where I'm from) to talk about anxiety and depression with students. In 2014, I started a service-based business as a writer and holistic life coach. I have worked with people from six different continents. I was able to do this because of effective content marketing, which I teach in my program Write to Heal. 

In May of 2017, I became sober from the prescriptions I had been handed when I was a teen. This was following finding a man called Anthony William, the Medical Medium, who helped me heal through specific plant based and supplementation protocols. From 2015 on, he confirmed the lingering sensation that I had saying there was something wrong that wasn't being cured properly, and he helped me address the root cause of what was plaguing my nervous system once and for all. I was able to throw all of my prescriptions away at the pharmacy after a painful, but successful and complete, withdrawal. 

I'm a trauma-informed beach bum who's studied somatic experiencing and nervous system health to help you overcome trauma. Welcome, I can't wait to help you feel safe and free in your body and in your life. 

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